Cannon Square


This site was created by your neighbor Peter Williams for the residents of Cannon Square.


There are two listings of residents has a listing of the residents. By address and by name. What appears here is up to you. You can have as much information as you want or nothing more than that the address exists. Whatever information you want just drop me a note from the contact page or an email to admin using the email address from the residents page

There is an information area that contains links to other sites that might be of interest to us and useful email addresses. If you think of some link that should be there let me know with the contact page or an email.

Classified is a place to offer stuff you have, a place to find stuff you want, or to let others know about some service you might offer. As the broken record says let me now from the contact ......

I am sure that over time we will think of other things that we would like to have here so just let me know.


I have the domain and with it I get more email addresses than I can ever use. If you want one, or more, let me know. Take your name, nick name, dirty word, whatever you want. I can set them up as real mail boxes or have mail for them forwarded to an existing address.


It's on the web so there really is none. I don't plan on posting my banking information but the spammers already have at least one email that I use and my name is in the phone book so that information will go up.

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